Ronnie Coleman reacts to Chris Bumstead’s greatest feats of strength: Fitness Volt

Ronnie Coleman reacts to Chris Bumstead's greatest feats of strength: Fitness Volt

As one of the strongest bodybuilders to ever compete, getting a nod of approval from Ronnie Coleman is a big deal. In a recent YouTube video, Coleman reacted to some of Chris Bumstead’s craziest lifts in the gym.

“Heard a lot of hype about my boyfriend Cbum. I thought it would be right if I did a reaction video to some of the lifts of him and some of the posters of him out there, so let’s get into that, yeah man.

On his way to earning eight Mr. Olympia titles, Ronnie Coleman proved himself against the best of his era, where he pushed names like Jay Cutler, Kevin Levrone and Flex Wheeler. His bulk, conditioning, and poise were unmatched, which helped him demand the spotlight every time he graced a stage.

In 2007, Coleman decided to call it a career. In retirement, she has faced a series of health problems and setbacks. After more than 10 back surgeries, the bodybuilding legend struggles to walk without assistance. However, his impact on the sport is evident today as he remains tied with Lee Haney for the all-time Mr. Olympia record.

With the spare time on his hands, Coleman built a successful YouTube channel with over 1.72 million subscribers. He regularly documents his health and other aspects of his life. This time she reacted to Chris Bumstead’s craziest lifts.

Chris Bumstead is a four-time Classic Physique Olympia winner. He first received the honor in 2019 and has seemingly gotten better every year since. However, he faced adversity before winning his fourth title. Weeks after last December’s show, Bumstead revealed he got the job done with a torn bicep. Like Coleman, Bumstead’s popularity has become undeniable.

Ronnie Coleman shocked by Chris Bumstead’s strength in reaction video

After seeing Bumstead on stage, Coleman reacted to a collection of workout clips.

“Cbum has some strength there,” Coleman said. “He’s playing with that weight like it’s nothing.”

“Cbum curling like it’s nothing. Light, light, there’s nothing else to do but make it baby. Lightweight, he’s playing with it making it look really easy. Show them why you have all that thickness.

“Nice and classic, yeah man,” added Coleman.

Coleman was very impressed with Bumstead’s deadlift strength. Given his ability to lift 600 pounds with ease, “The King” wouldn’t be surprised if the 29-year-old could lift 900 pounds.

“Deadlifts, one of my favorites, playing with that weight, is making 600 feel like it’s 200.”

“Take it back real big and fat, yeah man. Cbum at home.

“Cbum you were lifting that weight like nothing happened. I think you were in you to make 8 maybe 900. Let’s hook up with your boyfriend and show him how it’s done.

This isn’t the first time Ronnie has given his raw version of a bodybuilder’s best lifts. In April, he took a closer look at some of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s most impressive feats of strength. During the video, Coleman acknowledged that the “Austrian Oak” was undoubtedly one of the greatest bodybuilders of all time, regardless of era.

In addition to bodybuilding, Ronnie has looked into some of the legendary strongman Brian Shaw’s lifts. Coleman was swept away after Shaw lifted a car and towed a truck. He also praised Shaw’s performance on the tire haul.

Whether it’s a viral clip of Liver King or Jujimufu testing the limits of his strength, Coleman has seen it all. Before finishing his latest video, Coleman encouraged Bumstead to visit him for a training session.

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Check out the full video below from Ronnie Coleman’s YouTube channel:

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