How To Set Apps On Notification Bar On Android

How To Set Apps On Notification Bar On Android

Today I will show you How To Set Apps On Notification Bar on your Android phone with just one click, For this, you need to download a small app on your phone, continue this article and you will get the app download link.

The notification bar, also known as the status bar, is a vital component of the Android user interface. It provides quick access to essential information such as battery life, signal strength, and notifications from various apps.

How to add the app to the Notification panel

1. After downloading the app on your phone, And then Open, Click on the “Multiple Tiles” button to continue.


2. After clicking Multiple Tiles, select the apps you want to add to your Phone notification bar.

3. Click on your phone notification bar Three lines and click “Button order”.

4. Drag buttons to the Area above to add them to the quick settings panel. Click on the “DONE” Button.

5. After setting the app notification bar, the apps will be shown like this.

To get the app download link wait 1 Minute here, and then the download button will come:


You can Add up to 6 application shortcuts on your phone notification bar, APPs Tiles is a very useful app for optimizing app launching speed. You can add up to 6 shortcuts for apps in your quick toggles area on the notification bar.

Otherwise, you can include up to “6 apps” in fair one tile in your fast flips. Fair choose your apps, drag the tiles to the “beat” of the list and they are ready to dispatch. You’ll be able to tap them in each app and at any time you need. Continuously be arranged with App Tiles!

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A few tips for notification bar

In the event that you discover that the “speedy tiles” are not working after a couple of days at that point, your gadget has a choice to halt apps from working if they are not opened for some days. A few of the most recent Samsung phones, Vivo, Xiaomi Phone, Realme, Android. have this choice. To proceed utilizing the application you ought to include it in the battery exemptions list and permit it to work no matter in the event that opened or not.


Customizing the notification bar with your app shortcuts is a great way to personalize your smartphone device and streamline your interactions with frequently used apps. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can easily set up your preferred app shortcuts & enjoy a more efficient mobile experience. Remember that the notification bar is designed to enhance your accessibility and convenience, so take advantage of its capabilities to make your Android usage more seamless and enjoyable.

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